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Same Day Delivery, All Around Bahrain



Vital In Jeju Time Repair Cream - 50ml

100% Genuine Brands Fast Delivery Made in South Korea
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Silky skin can be experienced from the first application of this rich, nourishing, moisturizing cream.
Brightening, Anti-wrinkle functional cosmetic.

1- Time Repair Cream provides deep. concentrated nourishment and moisture
The silky feeling as soon as using provides abundant nutrients and moisture to the skin.

2- Smooth, moisturizing perfect vital care
Provides a non-sticky, refreshing moisture to dull, dry and oily skin with a shiny surface.

3- Special skincare with water from pristine Jeju
Aquifer water from volcanic bedrock located 420 m underground in Jeju Island contains abundant minerals, and helps to regulate oil and moisture balance for skin affected by the external environment.

4- Contains Echinacea cultivated in Jeju Garden
The Jeju herb “Echinacea”, cultivated using Jeju volcanic water is rich in nutrients and helps the skin to absorb moisture energy quickly and effectively.

Apply a moderate amount on a cleansed face.

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