Same Day Delivery, All Around Bahrain

Same Day Delivery, All Around Bahrain


Bayt Alsaboun

Dry Oil Argan Bakhour - 80ml

100% Genuine Brands Fast Delivery Made in Lebanon
BD 4
BD 5 BD 9
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Spray on the Oil and let the remaining water on your body to lock in the added moisture for a multisensory experience, and a sensational aroma of Bakhour.

Argan Oil is a line of skin care products ,developed with the finest Argan Oil that easily absorbs what makes it a natural skin moisturizer, rich in unsaturated fatty acids known as Omega 3 & 6 that Moisturize and Soften the skin, giving it a Younger look.

Spray the oil over any body area from your head to toe, ideally right after showering.

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